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Utilizing a strategic framework and proven practices with  skill based relationship training.  Promoting outreach events to strenghten marriages and families.


Throughout our 41+ years of marriage raising 9 children (6 are now happily married), and being blessed with 14 grandchildren, many of those years have been spent working with marriages and family dynamics. We have worked with premarital couples, as well as couples on the verge of divorce. We have also spent time with couples in church leadership to provide  bible-based restorative solutions. Our passion is to build sustainability in their lives and disciple them to a closer walk with Jesus. We have served as Pastoral Care leaders in the local church.  We are also the founders of Yes, Marriage Works, a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization that focuses on marriage and family to the church community. We are certified facilitators in several nationally accredited programs.   Our experience in ministry has a transferable context to the mission world, with workers facing high stress levels, managing life, and raising children while walking in the call that God has on their life. We are excited to see how God continues to use us, as we join Him in the work that He is doing throughout the world.

How Can WE Help You

Our premarital coaching consists of 6 sessions, which includes an online assessment called SYMBIS. The sessions include homework assignments, and focused discussions using biblical references. We help couples define their goals, dreams, and aspirations with a biblical foundation before they say, “I Do”.

Pre-martial coaching

Marriage coaching is a process of walking alongside couples as we resource them to build or rebuild sustainability in their marriage. We encourage open conversation throughout the 6 sessions. Using a tool called SYMBIS+, it gives couples a roadmap to help define aspects of their relationship. The 6 sessions progressively help couples relate in new ways and enables them to move forward together with new insight and appreciation for each other’s views with a biblical basis.

Marriage weekend event

This is a two-day event that can take place at a hotel, cabin, event center or a church. There are various thematic topics available and lots of fun, inspiring, and biblical teachings to make for a great time for everyone.

Virtual group marriage workshop

Using the SYMBIS assessment, we spend 6 sessions going through each section. Couples get their own results; however, discussions remain general allowing couples to share as they feel comfortable. Scriptural references are included throughout as the basis for unpacking encouraging marriage enhancement. 

The Prodigal Marriage’ Couples Book Study

This is an awesome 9-week study using a book written by Pat Hazelwood. We will follow along with a workbook that provides homework for the couples to complete before each session. This study allows time for sharing and praying together as we strengthen each other along the journey.

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